Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9 - Mayo by Manglaze

Manglaze's Mayo is Day #9's color.

Without Flash.
With Flash.

Alright, first of all, please excuse the terrible manicure. I was so excited to get Mayo in the mail today that I rushed it on and it was messy, streaky and, well, rushed. Manglaze's mattes fry so quickly that you have to work fast and correct problems fast also. But the color is just gorgeous. It's this sweet angelic white that's a nice opposite to Matte is Murder's sinfulness. Overall this is a huge win for the matte polishes out there!


Anonymous said...

Yep now I can leave a comment!! yay for manglaze! i will be wearing it tonight and tomorrow with hot mess!

ShortAndSweetNails said...

Oh yeah! I couldn't comment either on the first yay!

I'm debating on this polish...not sure I should get it or not.

Tara said...

I like your blog and your idea but I might suggest that you try brush cleanup. It'll help make life easier for you :-) I featured it on my blog at

I think it was on the Holy Holos post but I'm not certain, feel free to check it out! :-)

Tara said...

by the way if you follow you can enter my giveaway :-D

Lois said...

I just found out about your blog and I'm hooked! 1001 days of polish, I think it's really original :) I really like this manglaze polish, if I didn't have the matte white from Claire's already I would've buy this one!