Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 6 - Catwalk Crimson by Ocean

Day 6 brings us to Catwalk Crimson by Ocean.

With flash.
Without flash.

Now let me just begin to tell you about this color. I picked Catwalk Crimson by Ocean as today's color as I figured that I would put it in my sale/swap pile because I have enough reds and I really haven't heard of this brand so I figured it wasn't very good. Boy was I ever wrong. This polish is amazing!!! I mean it went on so thick and smoothly with the first coat that I didn't need a second coat, but I felt weird not doing more than one coat so I did another. It was as if I didn't put another coat on, the first was just so saturated with color! It dried super fast too. It did have a downside though, when I went to clean up the edges, the color bed all over my nails so I had to stop or risk blood red fingers all day (and that is why the edges are so rough on this manicure). So now I know how to put it on next time to avoid that. This polish is truly a keeper! I'm excited to try out a different color but same brand tomorrow to see how it works out.

Have any of you heard of the brand Ocean? Or  They are from the same company and I found them on sale at a sample sale site for 3 for $11. And I figured why not get them? Are they a salon only brand? How much do they retail for? I don't have a clue. lol. 

Anyway, this color is a true deep dark red and absolutely stunning. A lot deeper and darker than in the pictures. I like it so much!