Saturday, August 21, 2010

Day 9 - Mayo by Manglaze

Manglaze's Mayo is Day #9's color.

Without Flash.
With Flash.

Alright, first of all, please excuse the terrible manicure. I was so excited to get Mayo in the mail today that I rushed it on and it was messy, streaky and, well, rushed. Manglaze's mattes fry so quickly that you have to work fast and correct problems fast also. But the color is just gorgeous. It's this sweet angelic white that's a nice opposite to Matte is Murder's sinfulness. Overall this is a huge win for the matte polishes out there!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Day 8 - Dream Catcher by Claires

Day 8's polish is Dream Catcher by Claire's.

With Flash.
Without Flash.

I was lucky enough to find this on sale in the Claire's 10 for $10 bins so I just snatched it up. You'll learn quickly that green is my absolute favorite color and I have many greens and I'll post about them often. And this green I do adore! It's a nice pale subdued green that is just the right shade. A darker mint almost. Very Cute!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Day 7 - Fluff by Ocean

It's been a whole week of different nails! And the  polish for Day #7 is Fluff by Ocean.

Without Flash.
With Flash.

I did say that I was going to try another Ocean polish today so you should have seen this coming. I picked Fluff. A lovely off white which looks a little like french vanilla ice cream color to me. A very little yellow or cream to it but it's barely noticeable. I do like this color a lot though! And I did get a chuckle how well it matched my walls.

The application this time was nothing like yesterdays. It was so sheer and clumpy that I had to get to 4 thick layers to get this and then I just gave up. It never fully dried either. I have no idea why it is so different to yesterdays. Do you have experiences with polishes being inconsistent in consistency? I'll try another Ocean color sometime soon to see what's going on.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Day 6 - Catwalk Crimson by Ocean

Day 6 brings us to Catwalk Crimson by Ocean.

With flash.
Without flash.

Now let me just begin to tell you about this color. I picked Catwalk Crimson by Ocean as today's color as I figured that I would put it in my sale/swap pile because I have enough reds and I really haven't heard of this brand so I figured it wasn't very good. Boy was I ever wrong. This polish is amazing!!! I mean it went on so thick and smoothly with the first coat that I didn't need a second coat, but I felt weird not doing more than one coat so I did another. It was as if I didn't put another coat on, the first was just so saturated with color! It dried super fast too. It did have a downside though, when I went to clean up the edges, the color bed all over my nails so I had to stop or risk blood red fingers all day (and that is why the edges are so rough on this manicure). So now I know how to put it on next time to avoid that. This polish is truly a keeper! I'm excited to try out a different color but same brand tomorrow to see how it works out.

Have any of you heard of the brand Ocean? Or  They are from the same company and I found them on sale at a sample sale site for 3 for $11. And I figured why not get them? Are they a salon only brand? How much do they retail for? I don't have a clue. lol. 

Anyway, this color is a true deep dark red and absolutely stunning. A lot deeper and darker than in the pictures. I like it so much!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Day 5 - Purple Sparkle by Kleancolor

And Day 5's color is Purple Sparkle by Kleancolor!

With Flash.
Without Flash.

Purple Sparkle is exactly that but loads and loads and loads of purple sparkle. I love the color it's such a deep shiny purple. But when I put it on I expected it to be more of a complete glitter overload like it was in the bottle but instead it turned out to be more like a top coat with glitter. The pictures taken here are with four very thick coats and there are still gaps where you can see bare nail. But I cam imagine just how lovely this will be over a black, dark blue, or dark pink.

Day 4 - Bright Orange by Delias

I've had a really crazy, busy, and stressful day so I've been wondering what color would best represent that. And I think that I've found it in Delia's Bright Orange.

With Flash.

Without flash.

  These pictures do not even begin to show the brightness and madness of this color. I definitely would not wear it everyday but it was fun for a while.

And please excuse the horrible manicure. It's been such a day that I didn't want to spend any more time on these than I had to. And on that note, I am off to bed to sleep the stress off! Goodnight Polish Addicts!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Day 3 - My Private Cabana by Essie

Day 3's color is My Private Cabana by Essie.

With flash.
Without flash.

This was such a pretty color in the bottle that I had such high hopes for it. After one coat it was so sheer that you couldn't even tell that it was on. Two coats and you could barely see it. The results on my nails were after 5 very thick coats. I kind of like it but it isn't a great pink like it is in the bottle. And the mannequin hands it gives me just isn't quite right. I'm sure that this works out better on difference skin tones but just not mine.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day 2 - Sky High-Top by China Glaze

Day 2 and I bring to you all a happy bright blue, China Glaze's Sky High-Top.

With flash.

Without flash.

I like this blue. It's bright enough but a dark bright blue so it's not overwhelming at all. A perfect summer day blue.

Day 1 - Matte is Murder by Manglaze

I'm so excited that today is Day 1 from my Mission 1001 Nail Polishes in 1001 Days!! I get to start this insane journey where I challenge myself to try 1001 different nail polishes in 1001 days, a different nail color every single day, and blog about it. I stole the idea from Mission 101, but since 101 nail polishes seemed to easy and too short I modified it. Is it going to be hard? Absolutely! Not to mention challenging on the mind (too keep going with it), body (to not see bare nails in 1001 days!) and wallet (gosh it will be expensive). However I love nail polish enough so I figured why not? 

Now I've had this idea in my head for a while. When I first thought it up I had under 50 nail polishes in my collection. I started looking out for sales and deals and have slowly stocked up. I can tell you this, I definitely do not have all 1001, I don't even have half, but it's slowly getting there.

I've gone and calculated my end date. If I start today, Friday the 13th, 2010, my end date will be Friday, May 10th, 2013. Wow, that just seems so far away. So much will happen from now until then. I'll be 28 by then. I'll be married by the end of it. I may even have bought a house or paid off my car loan. I hope that I will have traveled to a few more countries by then. I can just imagine everything that will happen, and all through it I will blog every single day with a new manicure.

To start here is the last time you and I will see my bare nails for a few years:

And for today's nails, Day 1. I chose to start off with a polish that I have been absolutely dying to try. Manglaze's Matte is Murder. 

Without flash.
With flash.

I just adore this color. Don't let the sheen in the two pictures with flash fool you because this color is pure black matte with absolutely no shine. It ooze's with rock star sex appeal. I can easily see why men would wear it but I surely will too. It wears off a little quicker than normal polish since I'm not tarnishing it with a shiny top coat but to me that adds even more to it's appeal. It fades in a very tortured-artist-can't-be-bothered-to-touch-up kind of way. LOVE IT!